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Shenzhen City Public Xin Plastic Packaging Machinery Co。, Ltd。 is a professional development of special automated surface printing equipment of high-tech enterprises, products mainly used for cosmetics bottles, medicine bottles, wine bottles, detergent bottles and a variety of curved surface screen printing bronzing。

As early as 1997, the company founder has developed a fully automatic five-color UV screen printing production lines, reducing the gap between domestic and foreign advanced automated printing equipment level。 Founded in 2001, after several years of continuous efforts, research and development has made gratifying achievements, a number of new development projects continue to market in the field of screen printing surface to fill a number of gaps。

Automatic screen printing machine sales curve has been stable leading position, and constantly expand sales throughout the world, high-quality service teams protect the interests of domestic and foreign customers and to provide professional and technical training for customers.

Learning progress and innovation, leading the industry trend, it is our firm goal.

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